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Family Owned & Operated Since 2017

3825 E Thousand Oaks Blvd STE E Westlake Village, CA



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Always Fresh

Nothing frozen, artificial or refined

At Mythpoint Aegean Bistro we only use the kind of ingredients your grandmas would have in their own kitchen. Nothing is frozen, artificial or refined. We think food should be made of food as in the old days – We don’t like thickeners, preservatives, coloring, flavorings, and other additives. But we use spices and tastes coming from our family heritage and land.

We are passionate about nutrient dense, natural food that tastes good and makes us feel great.




 We love preparing fresh Greek & Macedonian food for you


A story of love and heritage.

Inspired by the good old days of Mediterranean coastal towns, Mythpoint Bistro was opened by Famous Chefs husband and wife team  Jimmy and Chichi in Westlake Village in 2017. Serving homemade recipes from Greek Islands & Macedonia also Rib-eye Cheese steaks. After a trip to Westlake Village they decided to open their first Homemade style Bistro after their 13 gourmet Greek  fine dining restaurants in Europe.

We created Mythpoint as a reflection of our home, the style of our lives, a way of enjoying precious time with friends and family. Our mission is creating happy guests with our unique meals. You are what you eat…

Eat like you’re there

Authentic Greek Gyro 


Your food served directly from grill to your pita or plate or salad.  You always get fresh homemade food from Mythpoint Bistro

Lamb & beef or Chicken for True authentic taste of Greek Gyro this is the right place. Whether you are coming in for Gyro pita options, Gyro Greek salad, or Gyro platters which is served with your choice of main course  2 Greek appetizers, rice, and hand-made Greek Pita.


Each piece of incomparable gyro bread we use is hand-stretched and pre-oiled to create a flatbread that’s fluffier and richer in flavor. The taste and texture of our pita is so unique-and yet reminiscent of a flatbread baked from scratch in your Yia Yia’s kitchen

Jimmy’s Famous Cheesesteaks



Our love and 35 years of culinary experience are the most important ingredients in our steak sandwiches, prepared with premium quality real Ribeye & Sirloin steak. While grilling tender & juicy steaks, we blend them with our secret recipe seasonings topped with premium quality cheese, served on toasty 8″ hoagie bread

 Impossible Vegan/Vegetarian Cheesesteaks


Again Our love and 35 years of culinary experience are the most important ingredients

Vegan impossible plant-based meat Jimmy’s seasoning, grilled onions, melted NON-DAIRY American cheese, fresh tomatoes, fresh lettuce, served on a toasty local bakery french recipe brioche bun with your choice of other toppings. We also serve IMPOSSIBLE CHEESESTEAK  with butter and regular cheeses for our vegetarian guests.

Homemade Baklava


Baklava is yummy…but it’s yummiest when it’s homemade. Homemade baklava tends to have a little more flavor…a little more freshness…a little more something…

You’ll love it with your coffee. You’ll love it with your tea. You’ll love it in the morning. You’ll love it in the night.

In MYTHPOINT BISTRO you can always find Mom Chichi’s daily prepared fresh homemade baklava.

Baklava makes a great treat: give a whole tray to someone you love or split it up into portions and gift them in little boxes or bags. Your recipients will love you even more than they already do. Whether or not this is the desired outcome is something only you can decide. Just know it will happen.

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